Driving car with gestures

This is a new project involving a webcam-based gestures detection to drive an RC car.

Check out the OpenPose repo for all the AI stuff going behind and the OP2ROBO project repo for more info.

Below youtube video .


Arduino Led Strip Controller for Cool PC Lights

Finally here! The first real instructables project with arduino. This time i created a cool multi-purpose lighting system that i used to light up my PC case. Project made by Arduino NANO, RGB led strip and 3 npn transistors (of course also resistors and wires :D).

Check out the instructable, github code and this video with the system installed:

Universal remote with NodeMCU and RPI

Studying at the university may be boring sometimes. Other times you get to make a project choosed by yoourself!

This is a project made with Silvia Raggi for a smart home: using your phone as an universal remote for IR-based devices! The project is made by a NodeMCU controller as transmitter and a Raspberry PI 3 as webserver. Check out the project here (This one is made in italian, next time it will be in english). Github code is also available.