Arduino Led Strip Controller for Cool PC Lights

Finally here! The first real instructables project with arduino. This time i created a cool multi-purpose lighting system that i used to light up my PC case. Project made by Arduino NANO, RGB led strip and 3 npn transistors (of course also resistors and wires :D).

Check out the instructable, github code and this video with the system installed:

Universal remote with NodeMCU and RPI

Studying at the university may be boring sometimes. Other times you get to make a project choosed by yoourself!

This is a project made with Silvia Raggi for a smart home: using your phone as an universal remote for IR-based devices! The project is made by a NodeMCU controller as transmitter and a Raspberry PI 3 as webserver. Check out the project here (This one is made in italian, next time it will be in english). Github code is also available.